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How we help.

Discover | Design | Deliver

Sabre Strategic Partners is a full-service financial planning company operating in the Greater Toronto area for over 25 years.

Sabre uses the Discover | Design | Deliver process to offer creative solutions (Discover), implement those solutions (Design), and get real results (Deliver).

We Help You With

Group Health Benefits

Providing employee benefits to take care of their health.

Life Insurance

Peace of mind for your loved ones and business.

Retirement Planning

Retire with financial security and  the lifestyle you choose. 

Group Retirement Benefits

Take care of your employees even in retirement.

Critical Illness Insurance

A lump sum benefit so you can focus on your recovery. 

Estate Planning

Take care of the next generation & leave a lasting legacy. 


Individual Benefits

Insurance to supplement your current health benefits.

Disability Insurance

Protect your greatest asset- your ability to earn an income. 

Financial Planning

Feel confident in your finances by having a strong financial plan. 

Individual Pension Plans

Predictable retirement income for the business owner & professional.

Health Insurance

Safeguard you and your family today through health insurance.

Succession Planning

Protect your business in case of retirement, death or critical illness.

Sabre Financial Guidance

Sabre specializes in personal and corporate health and wealth, analyzing not only the tax, retirement and estate needs of our clients but also stress-testing their companies’ group benefits and pension plans to ensure profitability, stability, and employee attraction and retention.

Sabre’s dramatic difference is our ability to help individuals, families, and businesses get to where they need and want to be from a risk and asset management perspective.


Sabre offers a true partnership and holistic process for personal and corporate health and wealth because clients have too little time and too many other priorities demanding their focus and attention, particularly in an era of increasing complexity and information overload.






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