Private Health Services Plan Process (Enrolment, Sign Up, Submitting Claims, General)

After enrolling, I was supposed to get an email from Sabre – I don’t see it in my Inbox

Many times the confirmation email from Sabre goes to the junk/spam folder.  Check these folders for an email from “

What is the correct way of entering the date?

The drop down date should be available, but if you need to enter in the date, follow this format: yyyy-mm-dd

I’ve run out of lines! I can’t add any more claims!

After entering your last line, you are given the option of “add claim entry”.  Also, if you have finished entering your claims, and there are empty lines, please click on “Remove last claim entry” so that your last entered claim is the last one seen on the form.

How do I sign? I can’t type in the field shown!

Left click and hold down your mouse and electronically sign (use mouse as your pen)

How long will it take to be reimbursed?

As soon as we receive payment from your plan administrator, the turnaround time for reimbursement is usually 1 week or less.  It will be less time if you sign up for Direct Deposit.

How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

When in your member account, click on direct deposit under preferences in the left-hand column.  Click on “Yes, I would like to receive my benefits via Direct Deposit”.  Then download the pdf form, fill in the information and sign and send back.

Do I have to send you all of my receipts after I submit online?

Please keep all of your receipts and file them for tax purposes, in the event of an audit.

My child listed as a dependent is over 18, can I still claim for them?

As long as your child is still living in the same household, you can continue to claim for them

Can I carry over amount unused from previous cycle and add it to current cycle?

The maximum amount that is allotted must be used for the duration of the stated insurance cycle.  Businesses are able to choose either an annual insurance cycle or bi-annual.

Why am I being charged RST and 2% premium fees on my invoice?

RST and premium taxes are all applicable taxes legislated by the CRA.

  • The 10% administrative fee is on the total claims
  • The 13% HST is on the 10% administrative fee only
  • The 8% RST is on the total claims only
  • The 2% premium tax is on the subtotal only

Would you still classify the PHSP as an “insurance” product, even though the customer is reimbursed dollar-for-dollar, no monthly premiums are paid, and there is no risk to the issuer?

The PHSP is not actually an insurance product. It is a mechanism that allows qualified and eligible members to offset medical expenses as a business expense.  See links for accountants on the Sabre Strategic Partners website:

The Ontario Premium Tax is a tax levied by the Ontario government against any PHSP in Ontario.

Do I need to purchase Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is only required if you are un-incorporated business.

The Canada Revenue Agency has stipulated that, in order for a PHSP to qualify as a non-taxable benefit, it must include an element of insurance. Therefore, an unincorporated business must purchase an inexpensive travel insurance policy at the time of enrolment. Should such coverage be declined, they would not be eligible to participate in the program.

Can you claim massages or medical in the United States? Can you claim an operation in the states? If it is a previous condition? Prescribed by a doctor?

Claims out of country will be covered as long as you have legitimate documentation from a qualified medical practitioner that the procedure was a result of a medical condition to support your claim.

Does the plan require salary based income to be able to qualify for MEDdirect, or can I take all of my income as dividends and still be able to qualify for this plan?

You must be taking a salary to qualify for the MEDdirect PHSP.  If you are only taking dividends, then you are not eligible.  There is no minimum salary stated, you just need to be earning a salary in order to be covered.

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