Family Tax Deductions to Notice

With the tax filing due April 30, we've included some tax deductions for families to notice for the 2016 taxation year.

The Difference between Interest, Dividends and Capital Gains

The difference between interest, capital gains and dividends can be difficult to understand, we outline the difference and what actually ends up in your pocket after tax.

Wealthy Canadians woefully unprepared for generational wealth transfer

Although 52% of high net-worth (HNW) Canadians have a will in place, only 22% have a full estate planning strategy, according to a new study from Toronto-based Royal Bank of Canada's (RBC) wealth-management arm.

Retirement and Debt

With 70 percent of Canadians aged 55 to 64 still carrying debt, here are some strategies to ask you advisor about that may help you make the most of your retirement goals

The Benefits of Consolidation

When putting together your financial plan, there is no question about the benefits of consolidation. The importance of having a financial plan is the ability to coordinate, consolidate and be able to implement your plan to achieve your goals.

Paying for Medical Expenses

Although we enjoy health care benefits in Canada, there are still some benefits that are not covered by the government.